The ATTSU group builds pressure equipment since 1934. In order to better concentrate the know-how in Autoclaves, ATTSU Klaus S.L., a company specialized in the construction of autoclaves, was created.

We develop, manufacture and project AUTOCLAVES and associated equipment for all industrial sectors and needs.

Autoclaves for electric machines impregnation

At ATTSUKLAUS we are experts in Electric machines impregnation, with coatings, as well as polyester, epoxy or silicone.

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Autoclave for alimentary sterilization

The ATTSUKLAUS spray-water jet autoclaves are the cheapest solution for sterilizing and pasteurizing all kinds of food and agri-food products.

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Autoclaves for hospital waste sterilization

Among the technologies for the treatment of waste, the most effective is the Autoclave. Our manufacturing process covers both its components and the configuration process, which allows to eliminate the infectious or dangerous potential of the waste.

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Autoclaves for the manufacture of Composites

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ATTSU Industrial Group

ATTSU, manufactures boilers and pressure vessels since 1934. The needs of customers and the level of demand that we have always set, have made ATTSU, has created an industrial group, to give this service with the same philosophy to all Your clients.

Currently the ATTSU industrial group has 4 factories in Spain, Celrà (Girona), Sant Julià de Ramis (Girona), Mostoles (Madrid) and Paterna (Valencia), in which we develop the following activities, within the respective companies that make up the group.