Autoclaves for wood

Autoclaves for the treatment of both horizontal and vertical wood.

autoclave industrial madera

Wood treatment through different types of agents and products to give a longer useful life to it or improve its mechanical properties.

The basic system consists of a mixing tank to dilute the salts with water, a solution storage tank (CCA) and the autoclave where the wood is impregnated. 

In addition, the autoclave includes an automatic washing system that allows various impregnation processes to be carried out fully automatically. 



1 – Initial vacuum: the air inside the autoclave and the wood cells is extracted by applying vacuum inside the autoclave. 

2 – Filling with the impregnation solution: the solution stored in the tank is transferred to the autoclave applying vacuum.

3 – Pressure: pressure is applied inside the autoclave so that the solution impregnates the entire surface of the wood.

4 – Solution download: pressure is released from the autoclave and excess solution is transferred back to the storage tank by vacuum.

5 – Final vacuum: vacuum is reapplied in the autoclave to dry the wood.

6 – Cleaning: the walls of the autoclave are cleaned by spraying pressurized water, leaving the autoclave ready for the second treatment.