To satisfy needs of customers that need pressure equipment in industrial production processes, especially autoclaves.


ATTSUKLAUS will consolidate and enhance its national and international prestige through excellent management and vocation for quality, innovation and service to its customers.

To consolidate this vision we will use:

  • Customer orientation constantly seeking your satisfaction.

  • Programs of continuous training of our personnel to increase their professionalism and motivation.

  • Promotion of innovation in processes and products.

  • Rigor and efficiency on work procedures to ensure quality.


We only believe in honest business. We comply with what we had agreed because we cannot understand business in any other way. Seriousness and commitment to our customers, suppliers, employees, etc) are our pillars.

ATTSUKLAUS Group, understands that its way of doing business and company management, should be directed to the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns, including relationship with its main interlocutors, all within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

A company is socially responsible, when it fully complies with its legal obligations and intends to move forward, investing in human capital, in the environment and in relations with its interlocutors (employees, business partners, suppliers, consumers, public authorities and NGOs that defend the interests of local communities and the environment).

As a summary, we will say that ethics, good management and good practices are the basis of CSR, therefore ATTSUKLAUS is not sparing effort or means to achieve it.