In which sectors are industrial autoclaves used?

The main sectors for which ATTSUKLAUS manufactures and installs industrial autoclaves are:


  • In the food sector, for sterilising and pasteurising food products


  • In the automotive sector, for vulcanising tyres, preparing carbon fibre parts, and treating glass and fabrics for vehicles.


  • In construction, for manufacturing aerated or cellular concrete blocks, structural laminated glass and cross-laminated timber (CLT), which has similar properties to steel and has many advantages over it, such as its lightness and speed of installation because it is prefabricated.


  • In the mining sector, to vulcanise rubber for mineral conveyor belts.


  • In the textile sector, for dyeing fabrics.


  • In the timber sector, for treatment with water-soluble, water-dispersible, fireproof, organic and mixed protective agents that enhance the properties of the wood, meaning it can be exposed to external elements, extending its useful life with almost no deterioration. Autoclaved wood is ideal for use outdoors on fences, posts, rail guards and docks, as well as for manufacturing urban furniture and carpentry material in general.


  • In the aeronautical sector, for manufacturing carbon fibre structural components, for vulcanising tyres and in the treatment of tempered glass.


  • In the shipping sector, for manufacturing large carbon fibre and fibreglass components.


  • In the electric motor and generator manufacturing and repair sector, for impregnating electric machines.


  • In the glass industry, for manufacturing crystals and special types of glass.


  • In health, for sterilising hospital and airport waste and materials.