Industrial food sterilization and cooking autoclave

Autoclaves allow faster sterilization and cooking treatment, saving a large amount of water and energy.

  • Minimum volume of 700 liters.
  • Autoclave made of AISI304L stainless steel.
  • Control of the heating and cooling ramp by means of a plate heat exchanger and regulating valves.
  • Better thermal control, thanks to the precise regulation of temperatures(± 0.5 °C), pressures (± 0.003 bar) and amounts of water and steam.
  • Guarantee of the thermal value of the optimal treatment, controlled and adjusted in real time.
  • The system vaporizes a reduced amount of water, uniformly over the entire surface of the products, avoiding any umbrella effect problems.
  • Accelerated and more homogeneous heat transfers thanks to the vertical and horizontal spray system to homogenize the application of heat throughout the autoclave’s cylinder.
  • Total integrity of all type of food packaging, even flexible ones through the back pressure control by compressed air.
  • Full management and traceability of all information and data, cycle ramps, adjustments, interventions, intrusions, users, etc.
  • Network connection, remote management and automatic download of software updates.
  • Touch screen monitor for the operation and monitoring of all process signals and alarms, history control and reporting on an external computer connected via Ethernet.
  • Your autoclave is fully assembled, parameterized, integrated and optimized according to your needs.
  • Permanent control of the status of the inputs / outputs and real-time optimization of all parameters.
  • Touch screen monitor, control of process histories and report creation on PC connected via Ethernet.

We offer customized solutions to the needs of each client.