Is it possible to monitor industrial autoclaves remotely?

Thanks to the installation of cutting-edge technology in the industrial autoclaves that ATTSUKLAUS manufactures, the process in the equipment can be constantly and remotely monitored, in real time and at any time, from any computer authorised to do so.


The temperature, pressure and time can be monitored using the control touch screen (HMI), with a graphic display and alarms for each cycle in the process. The monitoring parameters and alarms are displayed live. The data collected by the sensors distributed throughout the autoclave are also stored so that they can be analysed and future programs can be optimised. A wide variety of programs can be configured and added to the programmable logic controller to help the operator, who only has to select and start the programme necessary for each process.


The client can also obtain assistance from ATTSUKLAUS  with no need to travel as we can access the HMI screen on the electrical panel from our offices and view it live. This means we can provide immediate technical support in the event of any problem arising.