With the ATTSUKLAUS autoclaves we make the heat treatment faster and thanks to it we can save a lot of water and energy • Better thermal control, thanks to the precise regulation of temperatures (± 0.5 ° C), pressures (± 0.003 bar) and amounts of water and steam.

• Optimum Fo Value Guarantee, controlled and adjusted in real time

• The system vaporizes a reduced amount of water, uniformly over the entire surface of the products, avoiding the problems of umbrella effect.

• Accelerated and more homogeneous thermal transfers

• Total integrity of all its packaging, even flexible, by controlling the back pressure by compressed air.

• Management and complete traceability of all information and data, curves of the cycles carried out, adjustments, interventions, intrusions, users ...

• Network connection, remote management and automatic download of software updates • Open measurement and control interface, with Ethernet,

• Your autoclave is fully assembled, parameterized, integrated and optimized according to your needs

• Permanent control of the status of the inputs / outputs and real-time optimization of all parameters • Touch screen monitor, control of process histories and report creation on PC connected via Ethernet.

• We offer customized solutions to the needs of each client.