Our VPI are designed for stators and rotors impregnation, as well as low, medium and high power transformers.
Thanks to our long experience we can adjust our equipment design to our customer's process needs and existent resin specificities.

Our compact equipment is composed by:

  • Autoclave, where process takes place.

  • Resin tank, where resin is stored.

  • Pipeline system including by-pass and filter. 

  • Vacuum pump

  • Hydraulic system.

  • Electric control panel including screen for process automatic control.

  • Compact structure.

As optional we offer:

  • ATEX Installations

  • Extra vacuum system, which enables VPI vacuum at 0,5 mbar ABS

  • Separated resin storage tank including temperature control mode.

  • Data register system and production report management.

  • Tailor-made equipment according to customer's specific needs.

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