At ATTSUKLAUS we are experts in electric machines impregnation process involving polyester, epoxy and silicone resins. We manufacture resin tanks according to our customer's specific requirements.

Available tanks:

  • Designed for vacuum.

  • Including agitators for temperature homogenization and additives mixture.

  • Thermal insulated.

  • Including heat or cooling exchanger, for temperature modification.

  • Temperature control, including heat/cooling generators installation, in order to keep resin to storage optimum temperature, and enable temperature increase up to required value for impregnation process.

  • Permanent viscosity control.

  • Weight control by means of load cells.

  • We can supply tanks with diameters from 500 mm to 6.000 mm and required height.

  • In large capacity installations, it is important to adjust dimensions, as well as pipeline and filters design to customer's needs.

  • ATEX Installations.

  • Thanks to our long experience we can adjust our equipment design to our customer's process needs and existent resin specificities.

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