At ATTSUKLAUS we manufacture autoclaves for vulcanization by means of the following techniques:

1. Direct steam technique

  • The autoclave is loaded with tires appropriated for this process. The tires are placed inside the autoclave, then it is hermetically sealed and steam is introduced under pressure, for a period of time tires are subjected to pressure and temperature.

2. Indirect steam with third pressure technique

  • A rubber cover called 'envelope' is placed which covers the tire completely, the envelope is composed by a valve through which releases the third pressure.

  • The tires are introduced into the autoclave chamber, the hoses are connected for the introduction of pressure and afterwards, the autoclave is hermetically closed.

  • The steam coming from the boiler is not directly introduced into the chamber, but through a heat exchanger. The steam heats the air introduced into the chamber. As the temperature increases to 125 ° C, the chambers inside the tires are inflated and pressure is introduced into the autoclave, there is a difference of 30 psi (2.1 bar), until the chamber reaches a 80psi pressure (5.5 bar) and tires are at 115 psi (8 bar)

  • Then, pressure is introduced to the tire covering the tire up to 60psi (4.2 bar), this pressure is known as third pressure. After introducing this pressure inside the process a better bond and finished is guaranteed. This process ends in a period of 150 minutes.

  • At the end of this period of time pressures are released in the following order: third pressure, pneumatic pressure and finally chamber pressure.