Customer services of ATTSUKLAUS

reliability and long-term durability

We put all the means to guarantee the reliability and long-term durability of your autoclaves, and we focus on ensuring efficient and effective Maintenance and After-sales Service.


We guarantee our equipment against all construction defects or material defects, within 12 months.


We offer different maintenance contracts specifically adapted to your own needs; preventive and corrective maintenance in your premises, annual controls of metrology, calibration of probes and monitoring of defective parts... We also carry out the maintenance of autoclaves from other manufacturers.

Remote connection

Our equipment has the remote connection system, so that telematically, our technicians can verify the operation of the equipment, as well as the modification of program parameters. In this way, response time is minimized and travel costs are avoided.


We can also provide training on the operation of the equipment to new employees, without the typical costs of travel.


If an intervention is required, the remote connection makes it possible for our maintenance technicians to move around with all the spare parts in order to quickly reestablish the perfect functioning of your equipment.